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'The most fundamental truth about business is that business is about customers, creating them and keeping them.

Without customers there is NO business. To enable your business to thrive and grow you need to be able to allocate as much time as possible towards creating new and keeping existing customers, this can be more complex than it sounds. Our services will help free up the time you need to focus on the most important part of your business - its' customers.

'In New Zealand, roughly 25% of small to medium sized enterprises (fewer than 20 employees) FAIL within 3 years.

failure - noun
the neglect or omission of expected or required action

This failure rate doesn't have much to do with lack of creativity or a bad business idea but rather is due to a lack of day to day business knowledge, a hesitancy to ask for help, and a lack of knowledge about who to ask for guidance...

Why Choose Business Fundamentals?

We Understand SME's

We've been working with SME's for some time now and understand all the ups and downs of owning/operating your own business. We've seen the huge increases in productivity that new technology, especially computing and the web, can bring to a company but we've also seen the costs.

Those costs come in a variety of guises, but generally can be put under the umbrella of expertise.

  • No expertise in understanding the pros and cons of implementing particular software
  • No expertise in the configuration/installation of software
  • No expertise in evaluating software to see if it is fit for purpose

Bottom line? We've been there and have the expertise to help you avoid the pitfalls and problems that computerisation can present.

Customer Support
Range of Services

Our Strengths

We know what can give your business the best chance at success. We'll take the worry out of your decision making when it comes to operating systems, system security, software solutions and website design and development. Social media? We've got it covered and, if we don't have the skill set required in-house we know where to out-source and find the best expertise at the best price.

What can you do with your own CRM? The possibilities are endless...
  • Store all your customer records, data and transactions in one place
  • Add Account records DIRECTLY from your CRM to Xero, your online accounts package - NO double handling
  • View all the invoices and their status from Xero directly in your CRM
  • Create an invoice in Xero from a Quote in SuiteCRM
  • Create an invoice in Xero from an Opportunity in SuiteCRM
  • Automatically create contact records from forms on your website
  • Add work flow, business logic to changes in your CRM fields
  • Run marketing campaigns and track click thru's
We've got you covered with SugarCRM/SuiteCRM installation and customisation as required... free and Open Source.

We belive in empowering our customers and will create your Website using the latest CMS, and the one that best suits your business. From Joomla to Wordpress and flat file CMS like GRAV or Kirby we've got your requirements covered

What kind of software do you require to run your business? What will it cost you? Do you need to spend money on Microsoft Office and the Windows operating system, or does/will Open Source software suit your business? What would the training overheads be? What are the pros/cons of each approach? How much money could you save?

With more and more software being hosted on the web what do you really need to install on your computer - let us look at your business and give you a complete software/OS appraisal so that you can make an informed decision

Are you looking at computerising your existing business processes? Do you have a number of software options that you'd like evaluated but don't have the time or expertise - we can help.

We'll research and evaluate the available software and create a comprehensive report so that you can make an informed decision on whether to implement and which software to select. If there is a trial available we'll set it up for you so that you can test drive it yourself... Perhaps you just want your existing processes migrated to spread sheets. Let us have a look for you, we may find functionality that you are not aware of...

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